Slam BFQ1260-1000 have good structure and shape, and could move flexibly in the environment, especially in narrow corridor and complex environment.

Fleet management system

CA SUN intelligent AGV management system includes: central management system, AGV intelligent management system (trackless AGV system), calling and dispatch system, etc.; 

Laser Guiding AGV

Laser guidance AG Vis accurate in positioning, no need other positioning facilities on the ground. The driving path is more flexible. It can be adapted to various on-site environments. The driving route can be modified at CASUN AGVS any time. It is more convenient to maintain without magnetic strips and landmarks. It is one of the most advanced guiding methods in current market.

QR Code Navigation

QR code AGV is a matural product in CASUN. It uses inertial navigation control, QR code label to assist correction, no need magnetic tape, easy to implement, small space needed for running.