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Industry introduction


Since the birth of mobile communication in the 1980s, after more than 30 years of explosive growth, it has become the basic information network connecting human society. The development of mobile communication has not only profoundly changed people's way of life, but has also become an important engine for promoting the development of the national economy and improving the level of social information. As 4G enters the commercial phase of scale, the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) for 2020 and beyond has become a global research and development hotspot.

5G is a new generation mobile communication system developed for mobile communication needs after 2020. According to the development law of mobile communication, 5G will have ultra-high spectrum utilization and energy efficiency, and increase the transmission rate and resource utilization by an order of magnitude or higher than 4G mobile communication, and its wireless coverage performance, transmission delay, and system. Security and user experience will also be significantly improved. 5G mobile communication will be closely integrated with other wireless mobile communication technologies to form a new generation of ubiquitous mobile information network, which will meet the development needs of mobile Internet traffic increased by 1000 times in the next 10 years. The application field of 5G mobile communication system will be further expanded, and the support capability for mass sensing equipment and machine and machine (M2M) communication will become one of the important indicators of system design.

Project Objectives:

1, increase storage utilization

2, improve order picking efficiency

3, temperature monitoring, suitable for refrigeration

4, partition, fixed point storage, put an end to pollution


Standard solution:

Jiashun intelligent auto-stereo library adopts tray unit storage mode and automatic operation mode, which fully meets the requirements of temperature monitoring, batch number management, expiration management, and first-in-first-out in the process of drug storage. The use of automated operation mode not only puts higher requirements on pallet palletizing, but also greatly reduces the risk of manual stacking operations, and the safety of drug storage is guaranteed.

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