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Industry introduction


According to relevant reports, with the upgrading of consumption, fresh products have gradually become the main power of e-commerce. In 2017, the transaction scale of fresh product e-commerce market in China was about 139.13 billion, an increase of 59.7% over the same period of last year. Consumers pay more attention to the quality and health of fresh products. In order to ensure that the logistics operation capacity is improved in limited space, and the quality of fresh products in the circulation link is not damaged, logistics merchants upgrade the speed and quality of the most complex sorting process in the closed-loop cold chain, and invest a set of automatic equipment for warehousing, sorting and automatic transportation in the field. In this automation equipment, AGV intelligent handling is dominant.

Application of cold chain cold storage:

Sorting and transportation of fresh food in cold storage

Solve the problem:

1. In low temperature environment, the number of sorting and handling operations is decreasing.

2. Reduce the regional sorting links of cold chain and greatly reduce the loss of circulation links

3. Reduce the confusion of sorting process

Advantages of AGV application:

1. As a carrier of generation, AGV completes the handling instead of manual, which reduces the human error rate.

2. AGV automatic transmission reduces waiting time and improves transshipment efficiency.

3. AGV Intelligent Handling can automatically scan code to identify each material that needs to be transported, and automatically convey the material to the designated place.

4. AGV management system contains traffic management function, which reduces the safety risk.

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