SLAM navigation AGV adopts two-wheel differential drive or steerable driving wheel, and is applied to the scene with small environmental changes and relatively good ground conditions. The contours in the environment is used for positioning reference, and the laser head scanning positioning and encoder auxiliary calculation method are adopted. This makes the positioning accuracy higher, without any infrastructure (such as reflectors, magnetic nails, etc.). It is a completely autonomous navigation method. Its advantages include reducing construction difficulty, and can extend to autonomous obstacle avoidance function, greatly improve the flexib山ty.
The compact forklift AGV uses SLAM navigation technology. This mini forklift is different from the forklifts on the market. It has the characteristics of small body, heavy load, flexible movement and less space, can work 24 hours a day, with high efficiency. It
is designed by CASUN for pallet transportation applications and is a good helper for storage pallets transportation.