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  • Electricity supplier industry

    According to relevant reports, with the upgrading of consumption, fresh products have gradually become the main power of e-commerce. In 2017, the transaction scale of fresh product e-commerce market in China was about 139.13 billion, an increase of 5

  • 纺织服装

    At the 2016 China Garment Forum Hangzhou Summit, Kevin Kelly, the "Godfather of the World Internet", predicted the future of Internet textiles. He published the book "Out of Control" many years ago and foresaw the trends of cloud c

  • 化工行业

    Due to the adjustment of the national policy on heavy chemical industry with high energy consumption and pollution, chlor-alkali chemical industry is facing the influence of overcapacity, energy saving and environmental protection. On the one hand,

  • construction industry

    The construction industry will develop in the direction of assembly in the next few years. Compared with traditional architecture, assembly building has obvious advantages, and it is also a proven construction method in some developed countries. At


Manipulator arm

Stereo library solution

• Production field

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