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Industry introduction


Due to the adjustment of the national policy on heavy chemical industry with high energy consumption and pollution, chlor-alkali chemical industry is facing the influence of overcapacity, energy saving and environmental protection. On the one hand, it leads to more fierce competition among enterprises in the industry, on the other hand, it also increases the concentration of the chemical industry, eliminates backward production capacity, and helps to improve the effective start-up rate of the industry and optimize the allocation of resources. Improve the profitability of the industry.

In 2016, the average productivity utilization rate was 67.7%, which was 3.7% higher than that in 2015. Among them, the company's main chemical products, caustic soda productivity utilization rate was 83.2%, propylene oxide 80.6%, polyether polyols 53.8%, TDI78.1%, polyvinyl chloride 71.8%, which were higher than that in 2015.

It is expected that with the further implementation of supply-side reform in supply-side chemical industry in the future, the average productivity utilization rate will continue to rise, showing a steady to good trend.

Chemical plant applications:

Material transportation in production workshop and warehouse

1. Storage of finished products

2. Assembly Production Line

3. Material turnover of semi-finished products

The problems to be solved are:

1. Increased labor costs and difficulties in seasonal recruitment

2. Cost and Cost of Traditional Production Lines

3. Flexibility of production line

4. Material Accuracy and Efficiency in Production

Advantages of AGV application:

1. Compared with traditional production line, AGV production line has lower cost.

2. It can change the production path at any time, realize the advantages of immediate delivery, save manpower and cost, low error rate and energy saving.

3. Improve production efficiency and reduce production cost

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