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Industry introduction


With the economic environment and the overall depression of manufacturing industry, the compression of external orders, the disappearance of the demographic dividend advantage, without the advantage of labor cost, the electronic manufacturing industry as a human-intensive industry becomes more and more difficult. Under both internal and external pressures, the trend of automation in electronic manufacturing industry is inevitable. At present, major domestic electronics manufacturers have chosen automation production lines, among which AGV system technology is the preferred automation technology.

Electronic industry applications:

1. SMT Material Transportation

2. DIP Material Transportation

3. Conveying of fixtures

4. Material turnover

5. Delivery of finished products

The problems to be solved are:

1. Increased labor costs and difficulties in seasonal recruitment

2. Cost and Cost of Traditional Production Lines

3. Flexibility of production line

4. Material Accuracy and Efficiency in Production

Advantages of AGV application:

1. Compared with the traditional production line, AGV production line has the advantages of low cost, changeable production path at any time, ready-to-use delivery, saving manpower and cost, low error rate, energy saving and so on. It improves the production efficiency and reduces the total production cost.

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