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Industry introduction


With the disappearance of domestic demographic dividend advantage, the increase of wage and welfare security costs in domestic manufacturing industry and the intensification of market competition, more and more household appliances enterprises are facing difficulties in recruiting workers. And this reality can not be avoided, so that many well-known domestic household appliances enterprises have increased their investment in technology and technological innovation, and toward the production technology and equipment of less people, intelligent direction of development, the main domestic household appliances manufacturers in the production of household appliances warehousing logistics application of various types of AGV technology.

Home Appliance Manufacturing Plant Application:

Material transportation in production workshops and warehouses such as air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, small household appliances warehouse, etc.

1. Storage of finished products

2. Assembly Production Line

3. Material turnover of semi-finished products

The problems to be solved are:

1. Increased labor costs and difficulties in seasonal recruitment

2. Cost and Cost of Traditional Production Lines

3. Flexibility of production line

4. Material Accuracy and Efficiency in Production

Advantages of AGV application:

1. Compared with traditional production line, AGV production line has lower cost.

2. It can change the production path at any time, realize the advantages of immediate delivery, save manpower and cost, low error rate and energy saving.

3. Improve production efficiency and reduce production cost

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