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Industry introduction


The construction industry will develop in the direction of assembly in the next few years. Compared with traditional architecture, assembly building has obvious advantages, and it is also a proven construction method in some developed countries. At this stage, government departments are encouraging and guiding the exhibition of assembly building, and it has formed a certain scale in our market. I believe that assembly building will definitely become the main construction method in the future.

The construction industry is gradually inclined to technology-intensive. With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's requirements for building quality are also higher and higher, and the development of new technology is faster and faster, which also requires the practitioners of this industry to gradually adapt to the technological changes. At present, the first-line producers in China are still mainly migrant workers, and the proportion of skilled workers or senior skilled workers is low. This hinders the development of the construction industry in a certain way. In addition, with the emancipation of young peasant workers'minds, the grass-roots peasant workers in the construction industry will be more and more scarce, which determines the trend of replacing the labor force by new technology.

Application of Hardware Industry:

1. Storage of finished products

2. Assembly Production Line

3. Material turnover of semi-finished products

The problems to be solved are:

1. The unification of rhythm in each process

2. Cost of plant construction

3. Flexibility of production line

4. Cost of Equipment Investment for Continuous Production Lines

5. How to realize the synchronization and crossover of production lines.

Advantages of AGV application:

1. As a movable carrier, AGV can not only realize the conveying function, but also adjust the orientation of each axis of the assembly according to the assembly process of each process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity and difficulty.

2. AGV system can fully adapt to the current mass customization production and mixed-model assembly mode. It can meet the individual needs of customers, while ensuring lower production costs and shorter delivery time. Adapt to the market demand of producing multi-product, improve the ability of enterprise organization and equipment reorganization, and be sensitive to the marketAbility to respond quickly.

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