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Industry introduction


Recently, with the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles and parts, many multinational automobile companies have reduced the price of imported cars, which has aroused widespread concern in the society. More importantly, the impact of lower tariffs on parts and components may be more widespread than on the whole vehicle. For a long time, spare parts have been a short board in China's automotive industry, and the automotive aftermarket has been in a small, scattered and chaotic situation for a long time. However, the industry believes that with the booming development of China's automotive industry and the promotion of policies, the spare parts industry and the automotive aftermarket are ushering in new opportunities. It is expected that the future scale will exceed 4 trillion yuan, and the industrial integration will accelerate.

It is imperative for automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers to build material warehousing and distribution centers to cover China's regional markets. Jiashun Intelligence has a better overall solution to realize automatic three-dimensional warehousing, such as optimizing the space utilization rate of material storage center and improving the picking speed of small pieces.

Project objectives:

100% picking rate

Effective Improvement of Goods Access Efficiency

Vertical storage using automated warehousing equipment to maximize the use of warehousing space

Standard solutions:

Compared with the traditional static warehousing solution, Jiashun intelligent automated three-dimensional warehousing solution can save 90% of the storage space, and is an ideal way to store and select small pieces by compact and ergonomic design. Jiashun Intelligent provides efficient picking solutions, order picking speed can be increased by 6-10 times. For the shelf part, because there are different kinds of products, including dangerous goods, Jiashun intelligently installs different types of shelf systems.

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