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Industry introduction


The preferred storage area for pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises should meet the requirements of the "Standards for Quality Management of Pharmaceutical Production". There should be adequate storage space, storage conditions, facilities, equipment and professional and technical personnel. Errors should be avoided to prevent confusion, pollution and cross-contamination. In daily work, materials, raw materials, accessories, semi-finished products and finished products should be classified, partitioned, fixed-point storage, to prevent confusion, pollution and cross-contamination. When discharging from warehouse, the name, specification, batch number and quantity should be carefully checked according to the material order of the production workshop and the delivery order of finished products before discharging from warehouse. Manage strictly according to GMP requirements.

Project objectives:

1. Increasing Warehousing Utilization Rate

2. Improving Order Picking Efficiency

3. Temperature monitoring and suitable refrigeration

4. Zoning and fixed-point storage to eliminate pollution

Standard solutions:

Jiashun Intelligent Automated Stereo Storage adopts pallet unit storage mode and automatic operation mode, which fully meets the requirements of temperature monitoring, batch number management, expiration date management, first in first out in the process of drug storage. The use of automated operation mode not only puts forward higher requirements for pallet palletizing, but also greatly reduces the risks brought by manual palletizing operation and ensures the safety of drug storage.

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