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Industry introduction


New energy industry is an important basis to measure the level of high-tech development of a country and a region, and it is also the strategic commanding point of a new round of international competition. Developed countries and regions in the world regard the development of new energy as an important measure to conform to the trend of science and technology and promote industrial restructuring. In addition, China has put forward the policy of regional specialization and industrial agglomeration, and vigorously planned and developed the new energy industry. A series of supporting policies have been issued one after another, making the new energy industry parks springing up like bamboo shoots after another.

In the end of 2014, 117 of 119 New Energy listed companies have published their annual reports for 2014. Although there are two differences, the net profit level of Listed Companies in the new energy industry in 2014 is significantly better than that in 2013. In 2014, 117 companies realized net profit of 46.53 billion yuan, while in 2013, these 117 companies realized net profit of 29.318 billion yuan, a net profit increase of 58.71%.

Project objectives:

100% picking rate

Effective Improvement of Goods Access Efficiency

Vertical storage using automated warehousing equipment to maximize the use of warehousing space

Standard solutions:

Compared with the traditional static warehousing solution, Jiashun intelligent automated three-dimensional warehousing solution can save 90% of the storage space, and is an ideal way to store and select small pieces by compact and ergonomic design. Jiashun Intelligent provides efficient picking solutions, order picking speed can be increased by 6-10 times. For the shelf part, because there are different kinds of products, including dangerous goods, Jiashun intelligently installs different types of shelf systems.

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