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Laser Navigation (Single Layer Duplex Position)


Single-layer dual-track AGV: It can be single-input single-out or double-input and double-out. It also adopts laser positioning technology. The ground does not need other positioning facilities, no need to lay magnetic strips; the driving path is flexible and can be changed by computer. The driving route is widely used, and it can be applied to the transportation of warehouse pallets and the production working environment where automatic loading and unloading is required.

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Carrying capacity: custom type

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Parameter specification


Product name

Laser navigation (single layer duplex)

Product number

Custom type

Guidance method

Laser navigation

Walking direction

Forward, backward/left/right/minute

Wireless network


Driving mode

Differential drive / steering wheel drive

Driving power supply


Load capacity

Custom type

Ontology machine

Roller type

Navigation accuracy


Working hours


Climbing ability


Stopping precision


Charging mode

lithium battery

Safety sensing range

Adjustable less than 3m, emergency braking distance less than 20mm

Alarm form

Voice playback + warning light prompt double alarm


lithium battery

safety protection

Front Obstacle Detection Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism Double Protection + Emergency Stop Button

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