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[Jia Shun Intelligent] The first strand of the new three-board mobile robot industry


On February 17th, the 2017 Spring Festival, held by Gaogong Robots with the theme of “Focus on Application? Leading the Future of Intelligence”, was held in Shenzhen, Qingqing World. The conference aims to explore the new opportunities for the Chinese robot market in the Chinese robot industry in 2017, and how to solve the application problems of the robot industry in the case of the intensified Chinese layout of foreign-funded enterprises.

The Spring Festival will be chaired by Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong Robot. More than 40 robotic industry chain companies in South China will gather together to discuss new trends and new ideas in the development of the robot industry in the new year.

2017高工机器人 春茗会.jpg

Li Lei, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jiashun Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiashun Intelligent”) also attended the meeting. According to Li Lei, Shenzhen Jiashun Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It was formerly known as Shenzhen Jiashun Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of AGV and automation solutions. Technology companies, in which the price of small load AGV products has an advantage.


Li Lei said that so far, "Jiashun" products have not only occupied large-scale domestic market, but also successfully exported to Asia, Europe and other places, and have grown into the most innovative and research-oriented industry leaders in China. Jiashun Intelligent has established offices and agencies in major cities both at home and abroad, forming a huge sales network.

It is reported that Jiashun Intelligent and Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Honda, Great Wall Motor, BYD, Geely, Foxconn, Gree, Midea, Lenovo, Canon, Samsung, Hisense and other well-known customers have become long-term partners, laying down for the sustained high-speed development of the company. A solid foundation.

It is worth mentioning that Jiashun Intelligent has successfully landed in the New Third Board in December 2015 after more than 100% growth in four consecutive years.

"There is no way to save a thousand miles." In the year after landing on the New Third Board, what efforts did Jiashun Intelligent Maxima make for the new mileage?


As the first share of the new three-board mobile robot industry, in January 2016, Jiashun Intelligent and Tsinghua University officially reached an agreement on cooperation in the promotion of XLP courses. On April 6, Jiashun Smart was selected as the most investment-oriented enterprise in the New Third Board. On April 25th, Jiashun Smart was invited to attend the Hannover Fair in Germany, which is known as the world's top industrial technology exhibition. On June 24, Jiashun Smart was shortlisted for the innovation of the New Third Board. On November 16, Jiashun Smart was invited to attend the 2016 China International Hi-Tech Fair.


In this year, Jiashun Intelligent independently developed the domestic first automatic linear retreat AGV, which successfully operated in the production workshop, greatly improved the program and provided work efficiency. Compared with the traditional traction AGV, it upgraded the traction AGV. The function of manual loading and unloading of the skip is realized, and the AGV and the skip are fully connected and disconnected.

At the same time, Jiashun Intelligent's domestically developed anthropomorphic navigation technology can be successfully applied to a variety of AGV models. It does not require track identification, no construction, high degree of independent thinking, independent learning, independent memory, free walking, it solves worldwide navigation. The problem in the field has made the robot possess the "eyes", ending the era of robot "blind people" and filling the gap in the industry.

For 2017, Li Lei said that Jiashun Intelligent will continue to actively connect with the goal of “Made in China 2025” in the direction of AGV robot application, focusing on industry demand, technology development, solutions and application cases.

Focus on the robot field, so that the work is easy and pleasant!

Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd.

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