Qr code navigation principle: according to the on-board camera scanning qr code information on the ground, according to the qr code information and direction positioning and decide to change the location of the property, such as shelf site, pickup, charging stations, path, etc., high/low speed control system based on task, and other vehicles in the system arrangement and paths in the position of navigation.

Product Name

QRcodeOmni-directional AGVwith Roller Conveyor






Inertial navigation and QR code correction

Load capacity


Lifting Height


Travel Direction

forwad and backward,rotate 360° in place

Travel speed


Minimum turning radius


Ramp capability


Guiding accuracy


Stopping accuracy


Driving mode

Steerable driving wheel

Wireless network


Charging method

Automatic charging


lithium battery

Safety protection range

Detecting range ≤3m, adjustable

Safety features

Front obstacle sensor+mechanical bumper sensor

Qr code omni-bearing roller AGV

The omnidirectional two-dimensional code inertial navigation AGV is the latest heavy-duty AGV developed by Jiashun. It uses inertial navigation control and two-dimensional code labels to assist in correction. No geomagnetic stripe is required. The project is easy to implement and requires little space for operation. It is driven by the steering wheel, which can realize the functions of forward, backward, lateral movement and rotation in place. Fast speed, 24 hours of uninterrupted work and real-time data transmission monitoring to meet fast-paced production requirements. The maximum weight can be 2T, which can meet the needs of different customers. Widely used in many industries such as warehousing and logistics, automobiles, home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, food, etc.

Traction capacity: 1000KG

Product price: proposal quotation