AGV Intelligent Management System

CASUN intelligent robot AGV intelligent management system fully combines the actual site application of industrial production logistics distribution automation. Based on the experience of many years of AGV practical application, it makes full use of computer technology, high­frequency wireless communication technology, high-speed database analysis and processing technology and AG V’s digital control technology, combined with the actual needs of the customer site, developed a multi-functional utility software based on QR code inertial navigation AGV, laser navigation AGV, SLAM AGVand other trackless navigation AGV.
The AGV intelligent management system is a control system for trackless AGV. It has functions of communication with AGV, order delivery, traffic control, etc., including: real•time monitoring AGV, intelligent dispatching, and th『ee•layer collision avoidance security processing mechanism. The advantages of AGV intelligent management system are: intelligent dispatching, multiple security collision avoidance mechanism.
The core tasks of the system a『e: responsible for managing the dispatching AGV, providing the necessary data to the view, and driving the third­party plug-in to interface with the third-party device software.